In 2014 Catarina made the decision to become a fashion designer thus LLeya P. Designs was born. The name of the line reflects her daughters name, "Cattleya Perola" Cattleya being the name of an orchid and Perola meaning pearl in portuguese. LLeya P.

Conrad Lamour @ Bastille - June 2015

http://www.casadeangelina.com/ A Word from Angelina My inspiration for this collection comes from two different sources - monarchs and gladiators. The regal nature of royalty is mixed with the true heart of the gladiator to create a look that seeks to represent everyone's full potential, their highest form - their soul.

Claude Michelle @ Vlora About: As the son of a seamstress a career in fashion came naturally for Claude Michelle, his mother, a seamstress for over 40 years, has been a continual inspiration to his work. Originally from Port au Prince, Haiti Claude's mother worked diligently in the world of fabrics, sewing and design.

http://www.jasminechen.co/ ABOUT JASMINE CHEN DESIGN I always wanted my wardrobe to last more than a season. I got into design because as a shopper like you, I found there was hardly a balance in between high-end classics and new-trends. Identity shapes appearances, and Appearances build up identity.