Casa De Angelina - F/W 2015

This was by far Angelina's most cohesive and well presented collection to date. The production of the event coupled with artistic and sophisticated pieces made this show a hit. The stand out design was most certainly the white gown that closed the show. Are we seeing wedding bells?? The rest of the collection was very dress focused. A few of the other stand out pieces were: a floor length metallic fishtail gown with red trim and a simple white gown with a very dramatic deep royal lace overlay draping one shoulder and flowing down the back of the garment.

CDA selected a wonderful venue (The Exchange Conference Center-Seaport) to showcase her most recent collection. The night started with a VIP mixer. There could have been more / better music during the crown mingle, it felt a little awkward and unplanned. The best feature of the space was the surprise reveal of the runway which was concealed behind a partition during the cocktail hour. Swathed in white curtain and dramatic lighting the runway was beautiful and sleek. The  coordination of the seating and beginning of the show came with a few slight hiccups however the powerful music and walk of the first design made up for it. 

The crowd was hype and for the most part very fashionable. It was a very exciting affair and I look forward to seeing what she has to offer with a larger venue in the future. 

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Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Rating: 5 Out Of 5 Stars


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