Accessory Diary Fashion Show feat: Jarfette, N.Y. Chula & Querelle

Sigh, sigh, sigh..... Another show at the Harborside Inn. Pause - Let me regroup, that was too snarky. Hey everyone! I've got another fashion show review brought to you by Harborside hotel and lounge. I am starting to think this is Liberty Fashionably Late on a budget. Which is actually not a bad thing because at least it stirs up the standard Boston Fashion scene. It's safe to to say it's a venue I love to hate and it really takes a special producer to pull off a successful fashion show without making it look like a partially empty hotel bar sprinkled with random transient folks. 

The same vendors I always see: John Casablanca's, the nail sticker ppl and I don't know who else were lined up across from the bar attempting to drum up business. My press pass was a paper "Hello My Name Is" sticker and there was no DJ, I will say the VIP was full though and the total turnout #'s were pretty good. 

The most irking thing about this show was the timing and production. I don't mean a few blips I mean the entire thing. The music was off and because they chose to use an iPod un-monitored there were moments of awkward dead silence and a non working mic. There was no actual host to engage the audience and the models lacked skill on the runway. It was a bit amateur and disorganized.  

The breakout star of the show was the collection for Querelle. Every item was amazing and you could really tell a lot of effort was put into the creation and presentation of each piece. Make-up and styling were on point and the designer Charlene Dee was also impeccably dressed.

I really wanted this to be better primarily because Kat Yang (show producer) is such a kind and ambitious lady. She worked really hard selling tickets and had a couple of things fall through the cracks that would have been crippling to most shows but she pulled through. I am almost certain with the appropriate guidance she has the vision and resources to put on a really stellar fashion event.  

I took the opportunity to create some flyers for this event gratis and I was very proud of my work so that will be included in the slide show to your right. 


Rating: 3 Out Of 5 Stars

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