Brazilian Fashion Week USA 2016

 I initially based my participation in the Brazilian Fashion Week USA on previously attending the fabulous Conrad Lamour experience events at Bastille Kitchen, Serafina and the mega popular Boston En Vogue yearly showcase held during Boston Fashion Week. From a personal perspective Tailcoat Times assisted in placing a few models, scouting the vendor (Femme Boutique) and placing one of the designers (Maukwa swimwear) in the show. Despite the club location and chance of rain I had high hopes for the show and its potential reach. On the strength of the Conrad Lamour collection alone I knew that I would at the very least be seeing some amazingly beautifully garments coupled with exceptional hair and makeup styling. The latter certainly did not disappoint. The clothing and models looked absolutely stunning! The hair concept for the Conrad Lamour models was big, bold and dramatic and the makeup, completed by Jacqueline Vokey was equally flawless.


The 3 collections that showed were very different  but complimented each other very nicely,

Conrad Lamour - showcased his standard collection of stunningly beautiful sequin dresses in a variety of colorful hues. An added piece to the collection was a floor length animal print dress with a halter top and empire waist ties and side cutouts. There was also a particularly dazzling horizontal chevron pattern off the shoulder silver and black sequin gown that caught my eye, it fit the model perfectly. The walk was closed out by the ever fabulous Francesa Pavesi wearing the signature B&W Conrad blazer. 

Sylvie Dahi - brought an eclectic collection of African inspired tops and dresses. The line was heavy with Ankara print, silk 3D fringe and subtle circular & floral patterns. The collection is self described as " An elegant fusion of West African and 1960's style, designed custom-made and custom-fitted fashion for all levels of casualness and formality. Renowned for vibrancy, detail and craftsmanship, her pieces laugh and dance alongside you"

Makuwa Swim Wear - Still a very new collection, Francine Makuwa debuted her hand crocheted swimwear line with several brightly colored bikinis. Originally from the Congo Francine is the first in her family to follow her true passion for art and design. She picked up her love of crochet as a young girl watching the elder matriarchs hand sew items for family and friends. It was only after a move to the U.S. and a successful career as a runway and print model did she decide to pursue her real love of design. 


The setting for the Brazilian Fashion Week USA pre launch was held at the Garage Lounge, a lively Latin nightclub heavily influenced by its former residency as an actual car garage. The interior is biker chic meets Havana nights. The outdoor patio is more of a lounge area which was unable to be used due to pending rain showers. 

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