Livvy Latham Charity Boat Cruise

2.5 of 5 STARS


This fashion show was touted as a fundraiser for Livvy Latham a little girl suffering from Larnyx neurofibroma plexiform (the family also has a gofund me account that they have been collecting on for over 2yrs having raised a little over 3K from a 6k goal  

The boat for the show was quit run down with a slanted floor and a falling ceiling with water damage. The seating was normal theater style, no runway. Models descended the staircase walked the middle of the dance floor and walked back up the other side. 

There was a great DJ and evening dancing on the top deck after the show. 

The producer of the show walked around during the event collecting money in a tupperware container after already selling tickets at $35 on eventbrite, 


Tangoella, Jocelyn Mercedes (Boutiuqe), Makuwa Swimwear.



The event was able to pull a few celebrity faces to include Traci Bingham and host Amber LU. There were also a few high end photgraphers AR snapshots and Dan Minucci. It was also nice to see a few professional models participating; Gosia, AfricanBeauty Moloi  and Francesca pavesci were in full effect. 


Very uncoordinated, there was nothing to keep the guests interested and the timing of the runway was severely off. The space where the models walked had a back drop of a run down galley kitchen (see pics) and wood paneling. 



There was a decidedly sketchy vibe to this event, I just couldn't put my finger on it. It wasn't just because it wasn't high end there was something about the way the show was presented and how the audience was treated that left a really sour taste in my mouth. I will prob revisit this article later in the year to elaborate further. 

Signing off: annoyed 

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