New Hampshire Fashion Week 2017

Tailcoat Times Favorite Collection 2017

Alyssa Couture - Alternative Fashion

Top 3 looks from each collection 2017


Blancomaj / Caronah Cassell /  Imperfectly Perfected  /  Jarfette / Wire Wrapping Creations

I really wish Blacomaj had shown more pieces. A design duo and Framingham state alumni, their take on fashion is both quirky and trendy. 

Last year Caronah showed a total bridal collection I was pleasantly surprised to see other dress types in this years presentation.

Tonya Nichols imperfectly perfected collection showed really well this year. Her style and pattern choices seem to evolve every time they hit the runway. She is definitely a designer to watch.  

Lord & Taylor - Mens / Nina Bublik / Restored by Design / Kelly Towsley / GAP Kids 

Lord & Taylor men's collection didn't have a cohesive set at all, the jackets were ill fitting and the "beach" piece seemed very out of place. 

Nina Bublik's colorful and artful masks showed true craftsmanship and exquisite detail 

I really enjoy Restored by Designs bohemian template. This years pieces showed a wider selection of designs for all occasions. 

Kelly is a student designer that utilized elements from household textiles (curtains, bed-skirts) to create dramatic dresses with heavy lace and ruched details  

Vermont Fashion Collective



2017 collaborators - CLICK PIC FOR MORE INFO



The Key Players: 

New Hampshire Fashion Week Board of Directors
Cynthia Hudson - Director
Amy Azeredo - Samson - Director of Media/Photography/Video
Earl Battle - Director of Fashion and Design
Stacey Edgar - Chief Financial Officer
Jyoti Justin - Director of  Models  Casting
Beverly Kulling -Assistant Director of Casting

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Fax: 603-886-0758

A look back at the break out fashions FROM 2016 : 

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