Fashionably Late: R E V I V A L S Vintage

Sad to say I've found myself skipping quite a few of the most recent FL shows mainly due to repeat collections that I have become, quite frankly, sick of. Revivals Vintage was a refreshing and much needed change on the catwalk. After initially viewing the flyer I can honestly say that I had a preconceived notation about these jackets. Specifically that this style was geared directly towards a punk/grunge aesthetic. I just couldn't see how this would work into everyday fashion for a square like myself. It was a pleasant surprise to see these amazingly detailed jackets paired with a variety of looks. My particular favorite combination was a brightly painted cobalt studded jacket placed over a long cerulean crushed velvet dress - it really opened my eyes to the concept of mixing together two completely different styles to create a cool look. Simply put these jackets were badass! The styles really crossed over into something far beyond punk / alternative. I can easily see these jackets being cultivated into dope futuristic looks. The bandeau / Gerard Way - Emo style  make up look they chose has surely been done before, but may see a resurgence on runways this spring. Bottom line I have to cop one of these jackets, it will surely  satiate my desire to be front row at an Enfants Riches Deprimes show!



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