Summer Jam Fashion Show 2K17

Well known on and off the runway Akou Diabakhate lights up the room with her style, poise and regal disposition. This year Akou decided to spread her fashion reach beyond the catwalk to behind the curtain. Summer Jam Fashion Show 2K17 is the brainchild of a passionate model and activist with a heart of gold. I recall a while back seeing her during A Mavens World radio show recapping Boston Fashion Week 2016. At that time Akou mentioned she had an idea to create a fashion show that went beyond traditional beauty and fashion.  

Throughout the months I had wondered how things were shaping up for the event debut. As summer 2017 rolled in I began seeing exciting advertisement and video for the event. I made sure to purchase my ticket as soon as it went on sale. The line up of designers also peeked my interest listing personal favs such as Envieux and Nathalia J-Mag. I was also eager to see some designers I haven't seen on the runway yet. The host for the show was Muffens Moses and she did a great job of keeping the audience upbeat and engaged. Notable fashion celeb sightings included fashion mogul Anna Foster (A Maven's World) and newlywed designer Angelina Monteros (Casa De Angelina). Before leaving I scooped up two excellent pairs of shades from vendor table Busy Day Shopping

While I wasn't able to stay for the entire show I really enjoyed the fashions that I got a chance to see and I look forward to SummerJamFashionShow 2K18. 



  • Nathalia J-Mag
  • Kadokele 
  • Josefa Da Silva 
  • Imperfectly Perfected by Tonya Nichols 
  • The Lucky Onez 
  • Envieux 
  • Cassandra D'Ann
  • African Panther_Designs 
  • Jessica Catherine Soter Designs 
  • Afshan Iragorri Begum Designs
  • Simone Simon Paris 

Hair: Muffens Moses 

Location: Faialense Sports Club 

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