Juneteenth Boston

Museum of Fine Arts Juneteenth 2015 Celebration

As with the majority of events in Boston that attempt to celebrate diversity and detail our rich and complex history the Juneteenth event was under-promoted and somewhat disorganized albeit well attended. With the exception of a general program flyer attendees were left to roam the museum without general direction or coordination. As you may have guessed I specifically went for the fashion portion of the exhibition which featured Krèyol and Claude Michelle; 2 of my favorite designers. Although I have seen the pieces from both collections on a few other occasions I rather enjoyed the refreshing and unique look the garments took on in the museum setting alongside the dramatic murals and sculptures. The MFA setting added a dimension and detail to the fabrics that was surprisingly new and inspiring.  Krèyol's collaboration with photographer D.Irvin was particularly unique with live posing models on white block pedestals, switching poses at certain intervals throughout the evening. The room was crowded and buzzing with lively conversation. Along one side of the wall was a photographic collage of photos taken around the city. The entire Epistrophy series can be best described as an apocalyptic concrete jungle; couture mad max. I loved it!

The crowd that came out to support the event did not disappoint wardrobe wise, the bold fashion choices roaming the halls were  exhilarating and powerful. Here are a few of my favorites. 

#1 - FRESH - She was accompanied by a very nice lady who assisted in posing her for the photo. The picture does not do justice to the quality of this dress fabric. She did a fantastic job pairing it with tribal printed ballet flats and a cute belt. It was simple, clean and FRESH.

#2- SISTERLY FASHION - They were unique in individual fashion choices but very cohesive in their support of each others look. Somehow they complimented each other in very contrasting wardrobe choices. Beautiful separately and also stunning as a pair: SISTERLY FASHION

#3- THRIFTOLOGIST - The name says it all she was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about all things thrift and style. An excellent eye for pairing vintage and hard to find items together to create effortless and one of a kind style. U-Meleni Mhlaba-Adebo is THRIFTOLOGIST 

#4 CONFIDENT- She was taller than the average and wore it well with bold makeup, bright colors and beautiful braids. The scarf was also a nice touch but the necklace underneath was exquisite. She was relaxed, strong and CONFIDENT