Lisa Batista Viriato

A Maven's World 1yr Anniversary (Boston Fashion Week 2015)

Speaking only from attending a limited selection of high quality minority produced shows this event was the ultimate blueprint for budding fashion show producers and designers looking to showcase. The level of organization,  mainstream talent,  amazing designs and live entertainment that were on display really separates Anna Foster (CEO of Maven's world) from the competition. 

Taking place at the stylish Brahminrestaurant and lounge the venue was the perfect size and location. Check-in was effortless,  the pop up shop was neat and fully stocked, and there was a live band playing when I arrived.  Combining a pop-up fashion show with performances made for a memorable anniversary celebration. The models entered from the downstairs to be photographed at the top of the staircase and then they posed on pedestals strategically placed throughout the room. I really liked this style because it gave me the opportunity to get up close and personal with each piece of clothing.

The overall theme of the collection seemed to be black bohemian and even the host Lisa Batista Viriato (Miss Brasil Massachusetts 2014) and attendees were dressed in eclectic yet chic garbs. There were several performers that kept the crowd entertained during wardrobe changes. My personal favs were LaQuandra Seymore and Amina Buddafly. 

The crown that turned out was particularly special, they gave great conversation and served lots of face!. It felt like all of the best and brightest of Boston were in attendance and I was able to meet quite a few fashion entrepreneurs including Atiya Charley (PurpleFox Events)  Musu-kulla Massaquoi (Listen to your Body producer), Marie-France (Owner of KADOKÉLÉ), MUA's Jennifer Cooke and Racine Bell (Blue Mercury), Gwendolyn Perry (Finally Gwen's Beauty Salon), Tia (T.M. Modeling & Photography) and Yolanda Sealy (Owner of Dress w/ Confidence boutique). 

Typically I don't indulge in pop-up shops because I never seem to find anything unique that suites my taste, but the items at this event were impossible to resist. I walked away with 2 fabulous high waist print skirts (WITH POCKETS) and an amazing gold statement necklace for just under $230 which I will say is a steal because they were so different and I plan on showcasing them during the rest of the Boston Fashion Week shows I attend.  I can't think of a better way to kickoff Boston Fashion Week 2015!

Check out the pics, and the serving face section. Can't wait for next year!!!

Rating: 5 Out Of 5 Stars