Tailcoat Times Update - Spring 2016

Thanks for checking in!  Boy have we been busy! As you can see from the flyer and calendar events section Spring 2016 has already been full of amazing fashion events!

NYFW 2016

A brief stint in New York during NYFW '16 proved to be more fruitful than anticipated. Despite blistering cold weather conditions front row shows at Small Boutique Fashion Week and StyleWeek Fashion Week kept it hot! The general media outlets were particularly buzzed about pre-teen designer  Egypt "Ify" Ufele debuting: Chubbi. Chubbi Line was full of colorful African inspired prints paired with unique tribal jewelry and head adornments. It was a great show and the positive anti-bullying message behind Egypt's designs was very inspiring.  My favorite show was House of Zero Motorsports  - they showed a very edgy and sophisticated take on urban motorcycle wear.  Heritage 1978 (FAGNIDI) seemed to be the most established and high end brand that showed during the event. Their models were fit and every piece was exceptionally crafted. The pioneer behind the House of FAGNIDI was also kind enough to give us a Q&A.  Overall the small portion of NYFW that we were able to attend was absolutely amazing, it really has me longing for the day when Boston will have a fashion week on a similar scale. 



It's hard to believe Tailcoat Times is only a year old! We have spent the past year focusing on our business initiative and what our company represents. We are primarily a fashion event index and the go to place to find out any and everything about fashion shows, designers, and models in the area. The past 365 days have proved to be challenging in the best of ways. Consistent viewership, positive feedback and direct engagement with industry leaders have contributed to a very successful season. We also continue to strive for diversity and inclusion within the fashion industry which has not been easy AT ALL.  Some will never understand our focus and mission but we are determined to influence the landscape and continue to highlight the uniquely talented and beautiful fashion folks of Boston. 


Fashion Show Coverage 

We finally have some better a/v equipment and have been covering some larger shows, the results have varied in quality but we will keep forging ahead with photos and videos every week. I would like to say that all of the shows have been amazing productions but the truth is no matter how much money is invested or wasted on a fashion show nothing can replace a qualified staff and high attention to detail. The very example of this has consistently been StyleWeek Northeast. Their slogan says it all: "Regional Talent, Global Vision". This sentiment is expressed by the flawless execution of an entire WEEK of high quality fashion events. The venue, designers, models, staff, sponsors and guest list deliver in every way. I have certainly heard a fair share of criticism from ex-industry folks who are no longer affiliated with the SWNE brand. I have come to take these off-handed comments and critiques with a grain of salt. The shade seems more like sour grapes than an actual opinion on the production value, which in my opinion is well worth the drive time and ticket price. For anyone truly serious about breaking into the fashion world on any level SWNE is still certainly the blueprint for quality and content. In saying this I really want to encourage Boston Fashion show producers and designers to strive for a higher level of quality. Notwithstanding what I'm sure is a substantial budget, SWNE is simply great because of the level of organization and detail. Since our inception the only production I have seen come even close in Boston are the Boston En Vogue events spearheaded by the charismatic and over-the-top Conrad Lamour.  As Tailcoat Times attends more shows and networks we are really hoping Boston can come together to make BFW 2016 a force to be reckoned with in the industry this year. In the meantime we will continue to attend all of the local shows, sharing our footage and honest experience each step of the way. We hope to see you there! 







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