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Ever wonder what happened to the exciting Next Fashion Stitch concept? Participants in our 2016 #tailcoattalk series and presenters at the #schooloffashiondesign: Constructing a Fashion Company

With such an innovative idea with global impact serving local designers I thought it would be a total hit. I was really sad to see the business close. Donielle promised something in the works that would be even better. Boy did she deliver!!! Read below: 

Fashion Technology Hub to Debut In East Boston January 2018
5,000 Sq. Foot Facility to Service Both Local and Nationwide Clients
EAST BOSTON, MA - Boston-based fashion technology hub, ThreadTech, plans to open its first 5,000 sq. foot facility in East Boston servicing both local and nationwide high-end contemporary fashion designers.
The first of its kind, ThreadTech infuses modern fashion technology with clothing development and apparel production, becoming the premier fashion resource hub guiding fashion designers through all vital stages from concept to development.
“We incorporate beneficial fashion technology hardware, software and machinery to create a more precise garment with more accurate production lead times,” explains Donielle Martorano McKeever, Founding Partner at ThreadTech and Regional Director of Fashion Group International of Boston with over 15 years experience in a variety of facets of the fashion industry including production, mentoring, consulting and product development. “Our services assist clients through the stages of developing high quality garments eliminating the need for third party contractors that slow down production and cause additional costs and issues.”
ThreadTech offers four distinct services that allow clients to grow within the company:
• Fashion Incubator
• Rental Sewing Studio
• Product Development
• Production
ThreadTech plans to open the Fashion Incubator in January 2018, and will be ready to take product development and production clients by spring 2018. By 2024 they will have nine additional facilities in major cities including New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas and Atlanta while utilizing local distribution. Prospective clients should contact info@threadtechboston.com to learn more.
“Our focus is to bring production back to the states by focusing on niche markets and offering a sustainable way to develop, produce and distribute in fashion hubs all over the nation,” says Theresa Bishoff, Founding Partner at ThreadTech who brings extensive experience spanning the financial services industry. “As leaders in fashion production, we are committed to offering the highest-level technology and expertise available, providing our clients with the best service possible and tailored to meet individual needs.”
For further interest, connect at info@threadtechboston.com or threadtechboston.com.  

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