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Anna Foster
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
A Maven’s World Lifestyle Brand

Anna Foster is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of A Maven's World Lifestyle Brand, a company that helps clients discover and be empowered by their unique business, fashion, and social lifestyle.   Ms. Foster holds a BA in Business Management from Suffolk University and a JD from Suffolk University Law School.

Ms. Foster is widely considered a “maven” in business consulting, branding, fashion, event organization, social trends, lifestyle, and beauty.  In addition to managing the daily business needs and activities of her company, Ms. Foster serves as Vice Chair of the Network for Women in Business-Massachusetts and volunteers for the Greater Boston Sickle Cell Disease Association.  She is also the host of "Life is Fabulous with Anna Foster," a lifestyle-focused talk show.

Through A Maven’s World consulting services and workshops, Ms. Foster motivates, inspires, and guides individuals to enhance their personal and professional lifestyle.  She works with numerous entrepreneur, non-profit, and corporate clients, including Conexion, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts. 

Prior to founding A Maven’s World, Ms. Foster served as President of Eat, Drink, Dress Live (EDDL) magazine and co-host of Boston VIPS, a local television program. 

Ms. Foster is married with two children. She and her family reside in Canton, Massachusetts. 

More information about Anna Foster and A Maven’s World Lifestyle Brand can be found at www.amavensworld.com.


6. What promoted your career in Fashion Design? What gives you the motivation?

Technically, I’m not a Fashion Designer. I’m the CEO of A Maven’s World Lifestyle Brand, which has a private label collection! Additionally, we have numerous fashion retailers and businesses, that we brand for and they are know n as our Affiliate Businesses. 
Fashion is fun! It allows you to express yourself, without saying a word. So for me, I find motivation in that… and whenever I need to put a “pep in my step”, I know my look and style are going to get me excited to take on the day!  

5. Which photographer, designer or model would you like the opportunity to collaborate with? 

Too many to name! I love the Photographers in Boston, without their support, we wouldn’t be where we are today in the industry. I think there are amazing Designers and Models in Boston and believe it or not, there are quite a few I haven’t worked with.  I/m certainly looking forward to building those relationships! 


4. Who inspires you the most in fashion? 

What I wear has to make a statement and be dramatic in some form or fashion….lol. I love high fashion Designers, like Alexander McQueen, Nanette Lepour and Balmain.  Over the years, I’ve been enjoying more vintage pieces.  Thanks to my friend and fashion Stylist, Vanessa Lundy of Vanavain for introducing vintage style to me a few years back. The last couple of seasons, I’ve really been into prints. Additionally, I love finding pieces from local designers, in other countries.  

3. How do you balance creativity with commerce?

For me it’s quite easy! By nature, I’m a creative person, so that is where my passion lies. I stay true to my personal and business brand. I’m very lucky, as I’ve found “my place” in the world. Now I enjoy helping others find theirs.

2. What kind of feedback have you been receiving on your latest products?

Our most recent private label collection for home, beauty and fashion did extremely well. Every year we are adding more colors to our lipstick line and expanding in products. Our customers have been asking for more and we are working hard to consistently offer quality and uniqueness with our brand.  We are looking forward to showing our Fall/Winter Collection during BFW in September. 


1. Where do you see you / your brand in 5 years time?

At the rate we’ve been growing, our brand will certainly have a flagship location very soon, as well be more prevalent as a global lifestyle. We are on task and are extremely excited for what’s to come. 


Opinion Poll. What is the current state of Fashion in Boston?

In my opinion, it’s moving in the right direction. There are a lot of industry people and supporters that make a conscious effort, to keep it afloat. Additionally, there is SO much talent here in Boston.  We certainly do our part at A Maven’s World, by making sure we attend events often, by supporting other businesses thru our Affiliate Program. Additionally, I love wearing local Designers when I am hosting events and/or out on the town.  I believe we will continue to make strides, so long as we genuinely support each other. Ultimately, that is what A Maven’s World is all about… bringing people together and building. 


Yes! We keep the events coming! Organizing events is one of our brand staples.  Every year we organize, host and facilitate a multitude of events in the City and they can always be found on our website, or by subscribing to our Newsletters.  

We are extremely excited for our 2016 Opening Night (9.23) Boston Fashion Week Event ! It will be hosted by America’s Next Top Model Winner, Host, Actresses and Cover Girl- Eva Marcille! Runway looks will be from our private label collection “Maven”, as well as other Designers from the Boston area. Everyone is excited about this event, so we are looking forward to having and providing a great time. We love to see the City of Boston come alive!

On (9.24), we have our 3rd Annual Kid’s Rip the Runway Event, during Boston Fashion Week. It’s always exciting and pure joy to see the little models “ripping the runway”. We love organizing this event. 
Additionally, we have a few other events upcoming and they can all be found on our website (amavensworld.com) including Trent Shelton (Motivational Speaker) 11.5 and our Annual Women’s Conference for business women (12.7). So, we stay extremely busy building our Brand and sharing a Lifestyle that our Supporters enjoy and grow from!

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