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Jaida Deco

What prompted your career in Fashion?

About 6 years ago, I was 16, I'm now currently 22. At the age of 16 I walked in my very first fashion show with Provida Fashions in what was also their 1st annual fashion show-gala. I had no prior experience except for what I saw on America's Next Top Model and Project Runway. But ,ever since I left that runway the wheels have been turning and now 6 years later you have Jaida Deco and The Deco Brand. 

What gives you the motivation?  

My motivation comes from my fear of being stagnant with my dreams and working harder on someone else's. I have seen too often what happens when a person gets too comfortable; I too have been that comfortable person. But there is a fire in me that knows if I work just as hard on the goals that make me happier, the outcome can only be great. I don't know if you remember the cliche sayings they would have posted on the school's hallways, such as, " Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you will still land among the stars." As cliche as it is, that saying has always stuck with me. The more and more you position, align and re-align yourself with the dreams and goals you have envisioned and created in mind, there is no way that you won't accomplish what you decided to put your mind and actions to. We have to shoot, land, fall and miss; that is what separates the thinkers and the doers.   

Which photographer, designer or model would you like the opportunity to collaborate with?

There's a dope Videographer who goes by PXVCEGODFILMS. I am a fan of his work and vision and would certainly like creating some dope, deep, and meaningful pieces with him.
Who inspires you the most in fashion? I have a few; Zendaya, Draya and Bryan Alexis. These few to me have hit up the fashion industry kicking in doors by setting a precedent and certainly innovating the way I think of fashion. Fashion should be fearless and these individuals are examples of that and more.

How do you balance creativity with commerce?

That balance is one I'm still figuring out. Though, the more I put into my brand the more I realize you have to demand your worth. Whilst, still giving the people what they demand. The creative process will never leave me so as long as I keep it alive. As long as I'm doing that, commerce will always come; in many more ways than the dollar. Whether it be the relationships I've built, or the brands and communities I am going to help. In the end i suppose it does level out.

What kind of feedback have you been receiving on your latest projects?

I have been receiving really positive feedback on the projects I have been collaborating on and putting forth. My network is really rocking with The Deco Brand, that makes me humbled and excited because it's my baby. I'm testing the waters and seeing what I can learn from the next chapter in my brand.

Where do you see you / your brand in 5 years time?

In five years, let's see that will be in 2021... I see my brand being founded and established as a real company, at least in the beginning stages. I plan to have my brand known in major cities such as; Atlanta, Miami, Toronto and more. The Deco Brand will be a household name and resource for those establishing their brands or looking to revamp. As for myself, I see myself with a degree under my belt, traveling the world and working absolutely for myself.  
In your opinion; what is the current state of Fashion in Boston? The current state of Fashion in Boston to me is finally waking up! I think the creators and artists are realizing their powers and gifts and putting them forward fearlessly. There has been a new phase opened for Boston, now we need to empower each other and keep it consistent. 

Any upcoming events?

I do not currently have any events coming up, but my goal is to build content and network like crazy. I am launching The Deco Brand full throttle for October 2017, I am very much looking forward to that and collaborating heavily with my peers.


 IG @jaidadeco and @thedecobrand.

FOR BOOKINGS bookdecoj@gmail.com

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