Single Dress / Galina Sobolev

1.       What prompted your career / interest in Fashion?

I grew up loving Fashion, and everything about it.  I learned to sew and Crochet very early on as a child in Odessa, Ukraine
I learned from my Grandmother who was a Couture Seamstress for VIP Private Clients* she inspired me from childhood, and taught me about Quality, and beautiful sewing techniques*
Later on in life, I had the opportunity to study at FIT in NYC, and  to work on Seventh Avenue with Such great Talents as Michael Kors, Jack MulQueen, and Adree and in Los Angeles
I was in charge of a Career Division at Carole Little and ran a 147 million $$ division.

2.       Which designer would you like the opportunity to collaborate with? 
I would love to collaborate designers who create Very Interesting and Unique products* like Donna Karan for example, she loves Women and she is always so inspirational, and also
Someone like Peter Dundas who is nw back at Roberto Cavalli he is amazing, and very talented.

3.       Who inspires you the most? 
Lately I am really Most inspired by ART and Great artists such as Matisse, and Chagall
I also Love Karl Largerfeld, and what he always manages to Create at CHANEL.  Most favorite Designer at The MOMENT is Alessandro Michele for GUCCI

4.       How do you balance creativity with commerce?
I always try to BALANCE Creativity with Commerce, sometimes the Buyers don’t always get my creativity, however I find that the Ultimate consumer does, so I love the
Idea of communication directly through Retail on our website, it seems to Connect me personally closer to my customers* 
It is always a fine line, but at the end of the day it is the Great Fit, and quality of our Product that ultimately sells, not necessarily the commercial Value or the Wild
New Creative touches, the product and its integrity is what sells.

5.       What kind of feedback have you been receiving on your latest venture?
We have been getting the Most Exciting and Very Positive feedback, many of our contemporary admirers of the Brand are very thrilled at the Idea of Single dress venturing into the
Plus Market*

6.       Where do you see you / your brand in 5 years time?

I would love to see our Brand on Every curvy and Fabulous Woman in America*  after all, I hope to empower our customers One Dress At A TIME, and I know that she will love
The fit* and the Quality, and most of all our New Customers will appreciate the fact that the product is 100% Made in USA!

7.       Name 3 things you'd like for potential consumers to know about Single Dress

We love the soft Feel of Novelty fabrics, and want to translate that Excitement to our Customers, as well as the power of Stretch** and most importantly

The Power of our “single secret Weapon* stretch Sateen Lining which is built into every Single Fitted Dress** it has spandex for Movement and Flexibility**!

This is something our customers will find out only if they put the dress * ON!  They will want to keep it and never take it off!
I also love the “Sexy” curvy Fit of our Body con Solid Gabardine dresses, they all have stretch and how they hug the silhouette*

When was the official launch for single dress?
Single dress Brand officially launched in 2004, and single Dress Plus officially launched at Saks Fifth Ave, and in 2012-13

How did the brand name Single Dress come about?
It started with One Unique silk Kimono Dress* we were a Sportswear Brand (Single Collection), and when we expanded into the Dress Market
The idea of “Single dress” came naturally, and it is single as in One of a Kind** 

Is there a target audience?
The Target Audience is someone who is young at heart, and wants a contemporary well made product* made in USA with Quality European Fabrics, not something
Cheap and poorly made in CHINA that will fall apart after 1 wear.
She is confident, Sexy, and Feels Great in her own skin*, she is not fixated on her size, it is her Attitude and Zest for Life that define our Customer*

What type of person/fashionista does Single Dress boutique speak to the most?
Our Product speaks mostly to women who follow Trend, but are not obsessed by it, they want Investment items in their closet, pieces they can Take on Vacation,
Or on a HOT Date, or on an Important business trip, or to a Charity or and Art, and Gala opening*

About the Single Dress team
Our single dress Team is Fairly small, we are a Family driven, Company of 16 all based in Downtown LA, much of the product is cut and produced here locally
We support our local community, and create Jobs right in our own backyard, not like many other Manufacturers who sub everything out to CHINA

How long did it take (pre-launch) to start Single Dress (Plus Size)
Single dress Plus collection has Just  Launched- at
We started the Planning and production in January of 2016.

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