sharon cox cole

Shaco Couture

"No woman left behind". All woman inclusive brand!

I attended the school of Fashion Design in Boston, MA.  I have 25+ years of working in the fashion industry.  From 1986 to 1991, I worked for several major fashion design firms and manufacturing companies in my native country Trinidad W.I..  In 1992 I relocated to Boston.  In 2004 I opened a design studio and startedy my own brand "SHACO COUTURE" designs by Sharon Cox Cole in Rhode Island, where I now reside. I have participated in many national and international fashion shows.  In 2012 I was nominated as one of the Most Promising Caribbean Fashion Designers.  In 2013, I was given an award by the Karib Nation Arts and Culture of Washington, DC for Excellence in Fashion Design.  In 2014, I was awarded by the Boston Company GBOS for Best Couture Designer of the year. I continue to pursue my fashion dream of SHACO COUTURE becoming a global brand

Latest Collection: Wildest Dream

6 - What helped promote your career in Fashion Design?

Persistence perseverance,great eye for fashion keen ability to capture flow ,trends, colors,shapes flow

5 - Which designer would you like the opportunity to collaborate with?

Ralph Lauren

4 - Who inspires you the most in fashion?

Edith Head and Patrick Kelly

3 - How do you balance creativity with commerce?

60% creativity / 40% commerce marketing, advertising ,setting aside time to create looks for a season and  making time for commerce The effectiveness of one is no more important than the other

2 - What kind of feedback have you been receiving on your latest collection? How has the 2015/2016 season been for you so far?

The feedback has been mixed-. My individual pieces tend to stick out and get more attention.  The season has been challenging

1 - Where do you see Shaco Couture in 5 years time?

MAKE OR BREAK THIS HAS TO BE THE TIME OF GREAT HARVEST OF ALL THE PLANTINGS THAT HAVE GONE BEFORE. Shaco Couture will be going big NATIONAL and international runways. Great sales at specialty boutiques and department stores