ARCK - Fashion Reception 2016


Empowering students with high-quality multi-cultural arts ed that fosters culture & community; serving children in Boston and the world. 

About ARCK

ARCK uses art as a vehicle to unlock creativity and academic potential. Their programs go beyond art teaching to promote 21st-century skills such as empathy, self-confidence, problem solving, and global awareness.

What ARCK Does

ARCK works in under-served schools to provide arts integration programs. ARCK’s teaching artists work alongside our partner schools’ classroom teachers, ensuring that arts lessons support the school’s academic objectives.

Their unique 36-week curriculum follows modules of Leadership, Civic Engagement, and Social Justice. Lessons are infused with literacy skills and elements of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math). Our STEAM curriculum was devised in partnership with MIT D-Lab and the Harvard Arts in Education initiative, and we continue to develop it.
ARCK exhibits student artwork in their schools and in local galleries and public art projects.

A wonderful Fashion reception was held for the ARCK program on May 25th, 2016 at the Liquid Art House. The event featured a pop up shop and designs by Daniela Corte and jewelry artist Heloisa Fitzgerald.   The creator of Date My Wardrobe, Amrita Aviyente and award winning photographer Bill Brett were among the many supportive and fashionable guests in attendance. 

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