Boston Curvy Week (The Curves Are Coming Fashion Show)

As part of the first annual Boston Curvy Fashion week, night three brought us a fashion show at the Boston Common Hotel on Saturday July 25th. I have recently seen quite a few fashion shows utilizing this venue in recent months. While it may not be the prettiest location it certainly serves the purpose and has a great location in the heart of Copley square.

Upon arrival, through a semi hidden side door entrance guests were greeted by Sandra Augustin (Founder of BCFW & CEO of Your Desired Dream Event Production Company ) and her staff members at a sign in table. I was pleased to see such a well organized and professional welcome. Once upstairs guests entered into a round foyer which housed a few vendors including John Casablanca's and a step and repeat banner. Having guests pass through the vending area prior to seating was a very smart move, often times show coordinators place vendors in a separate room and they are never seen by the public. If you absolutely must have vendors hawking their goods it's a clever strategy to place them in a high traffic area.  

The staff were recognizable in uniform and did a great job managing the crowd and directing guests to their seats. Once inside the main runway area, the room was packed and press was positioned at the end of the runway. The show started on time and the host was engaging, humorous and genuinely entertaining to the crowd in between designs. While the fashion was not what I considered to be high-end couture the clothing fit the models well and the actual designs ranged in style from punk rock (ASK fashion) to Caribbean inspired (Lleya P). 

There were also 2 musical guests that provided entertainment between collections. The DJ also did a great job of keeping the crowd hyped with up beat tunes.

For a first year run - the Curves are coming fashion show was successful and I can't wait to see what they will be able to do next year.

The entire show was a great representation of female empowerment and embracing all body types. A portion of the proceeds were scheduled to be donated to Dress for Success-Boston.

Rating: 4 Out Of 5 Stars

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