Queens Know Launch Party

The Queens know launch party took place at The Harborside lounge on Saturday Aug 1st. After purchasing my V.I.P ticket I entered an empty lounge about 45 min before showtime. The door greeters seemed marginally uninformed and somewhat confused about how the evening was supposed to run. After an opportunity to visit the "model suite" which didn't have the most welcoming vibe, I delivered a bottle of bubbly to the staff and models to lighten the mood. After seating myself in the "V.I.P" area - a small crowd began to role in. I also noticed that there was little to no distinction between the general public and VIP. I went through my "swag bag" which including a variety of products including a plastic hand held mirror, a plastic compact mirror a small nail kit and a bottle of nail polish. The same gift bags were also given to some of the other guests..  The host of the show tried to connect with a surly and non participatory crowd. I appreciated her efforts and energy, she is a great host/MC and I hope to see her continue to be involved in more shows this year. Once the show started, what came down the runway was essentially a collection of t-shirts in varying sizes and lengths with the queens know logo across the front paired with a variety of basic bottoms including short shorts, jeans, and tutus, I was not really clear on the actual design aspect or exactly what had been created in the way of fashion. As of today's date the quenns know retail website / boutique is still pending (I will try to update w/ purchase info if I receive any). The most exciting part of the event was the model runway performance. There were several choreographed steps and movements that were very creative and entertaining. The event also touted authentic Haitian cuisine, and while I am no expert of that type of cuisine I am certain hoagies and a cheese/cracker platter does not a Haitian dish make. The queens know has a very good message of empowerment for women. More than fashion this seemed like an attempt to promote a lifestyle vs a clothing brand. While it is very important for Tailcoat Times to embrace and promote all things related to diversity in fashion here in Boston,  attempts that may fall short will be clocked as such. There is a standard level of quality that was not met and I truly hope to see Queens Know utilize their resources more wisely for future events.

Rating: 2 Out Of 5 Stars

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