Next Fashion Stitch Presents: Constructing a Fashion Company

Tailcoat Times recently enjoyed a fantastic half day workshop on perhaps one of the most challenging matters in fashion today: "Constructing a Fashion Company". The possibilities can be overwhelming and endless when one starts the arduous process of building a fashion empire.

Being a talented designer with amazing clothing is just the tip of the iceberg. To truly succeed and make an impact in the world of fashion it takes so much more. Luckily we have Next Fashion Stitch to guide us through every exciting step. While we certainly won't give away all of the tricks of the trade we will go over the 3 category breakdown presented along with a few other highlights from the day.

Whether your are a budding designer or a seasoned pro looking to take your design vision to the next level Next Fashion Stitch should most certainly be woven into your business plan. 

It is almost too difficult to quantify the value of such a unique and important event. This was an essential session for anyone serious about their fashion business.

The 3 sections of the workshop (production / sales / fame & fortune) made for a very thought provoking Q&A.

1. Produce-Apparel Manufacturing & Product Development Panel Discussion

A discussion on how to select the correct manufacturer for your company, the process of manufacturing,  problem solving issues that arise during production and the importance of proper product development.   

Panelists- Alice Walk, A. Ruby, Brass Clothing, Evolue Apparel, Lisa Lloyd, Next Fashion Stitch, Thom Solo

2. Sell- Successfully Retailing with Pop-up Shops

A discussion on how to host a successful pop-up shop, gain sales and build repeat customers

Panelists- A. Ruby, Brass Clothing, Dylanium Knits, Encore Apparel, Evolue Apparel, Kent Stetson, Peach, Petit Peony

3. Fame & Fortune- Fame & Fortune by Dressing Celebrities???

A discussion on the realities of a celebrity wearing your fashion brand.  

Panelists- Dylanium Knits, Jonathan Joseph Peters, Kent Stetson, Thom Solo


The setting for this wonderful event was the School of Fashion Design on Newbury Street in Boston. It was a perfect location with inspiring fashion decor including styled mannequins, bolts of bright fabrics and a bustling front lobby area. 

During the event the audience was fully engaged and the panelists were generous in sharing their knowledge and industry experiences. There were a few recommended do's and don'ts and some general stories on how to successfully manage a fashion business. We also got to hear a few exciting stories about celebrity interactions and working with industry elites. Post show it seemed clear that the information share was a great success that provided a lot of critical entrepreneurial info.

The topics discussed in each panel translated to applicable real time scenarios in the fashion work space for those who have already started their business plan and some considering a first launch. 

The key take away from each session:

  1. Understanding how to select the right manufacturer that best fits your production needs. Determine if your business is in the right stage for manufacturing. 
  2. How can a pop-up shop generate revenue in an impactful way versus spending to fund a standing boutique. 
  3. What are the benefits and drawbacks of dressing celebrities. Is it worth it? Should you comp/gift your product? Branding partnerships with other companies (e.g. Target/M.A.C./H&M)

A key component to conducting a fruitful and informative workshop is a well placed moderator, Moderation keeps the tone, direction and timing of the event on target. Rosanna Ortiz, founder and president of our beloved Style Week Northeast was an excellent hostess with the most! She kept the event engaging and fun while looking effortlessly chic. 

One of our favorite fashion publications Style It Up was on the scene capturing lots of video footage to be featured on their public access series on BNN. 

This workshop was a truly valuable expirience for anyone considering a career in fashion design and manufacturing. It would be wonderful to see a follow up series come along soon, We will most certainly keep you posted if they decide to have another one.

See below for details about the panelists and info on Next Fashion Stitch & Co-Hosts


For those in the fashion know the STAR studded panel was quite a treat:

Terri Mahn - Former Regional Director and current board member of Fashion Group International of Boston.She has worked as a stylist and producer of many events during StyleWeek Northeast as well as Boston Fashion Week, and is currently the force behind Platform Downtown in association the Downtown Boston Business Improvement District.

Alice Walk – CEO Emily Keneally
Alice Walk, the first accessible bespoke clothing line for both personalized style and better fit. The brand allows customers to select from a variety of styles, sleeve lengths and fabrics, to customize their looks. Each item is made-to-order – fusing technology with craft – and then hand sewn with love and talent in Boston.

A.Ruby – Founder Avra Myers
A.Ruby believes that the perfect white shirt can make you feel good and that it’s possible for a great pair of black pants to actually make you more at ease. At A Ruby knows the right clothes can make you just a little happier, a little more confident and give every woman a bit of je ne sais quoi. 

Brass Clothing- Co-Founder’s Jay Adams & Katie Doyle
A simple collection of beautiful basics. No more wondering what to wear. Jay’s work with the best apparel manufacturers and Katie’s background in online fashion retail primed them to start Brass. They're building and creating Brass Clothing step-by-step. 

Evolue Apparel - Susan Zemaitis, a successful sales and marketing executive, is familiar with the needs of her clientele: the professional, sophisticated, fashion conscious, busy woman. Zemaitis began with a T-shirt line called "En Vie" to provide women with that perfect staple piece necessary in every wardrobe. More than a decade later, she finds herself coupling her love of international fashion and her passion for design with her new line, Evolue Apparel.

Lisa Lloyd – President Lisa Lloyd
Lisa Lloyd is American sportswear with a European twist for the modern, discerning woman. Made with the finest fabrics and trims from around the world in New York City. Founder and designer Lisa Lloyd has worked with textiles her entire life including sewing, knitting and spinning yarn.. 

Thom Solo-Designer- Thom Solo is a 26-year-old artist and shoe designer based in Boston, Massachusetts. Launching his eponymous designer label -THOM SOLO in 2008, Thom has become known for crafting exquisite couture statement shoes. His work has graced the editorial spreads of international fashion magazines and has grabbed the attention of celebrities and celebrity stylists, including Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, and fashion icon Daphne Guinness. 

Dylanium Knits- Started in 2010 by owner and designer Dylan Uscher in Toronto, Canada. Dylan Uscher is a self-taught knitwear designer from Boston, MA. He moved to Toronto in 2005 to study Linguistics at the University of Toronto. In 2010 he finished his Masters of Arts and began pursuing a career in fashion. Dylanium Knits is devoted to working with community members and charitable organizations. Recent collaborations include the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, The Stephen Lewis Foundation, The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and the Aid for Cancer Research. 

Encore Apparel- Encore Apparel Co. is a socially-responsible lifestyle brand launched by Casey Paton and Mark Lisavich. 

Kent Stetson-Born on a horse farm, Kent learned fundamentals of leather craft from his mother, and metal craft from his father who is a blacksmith. At Brown University, Kent focused in on new media and arts- where different digital technologies were applied to create art that merged traditional and cutting edge techniques. 

Peach- Francesca Desforges-Coordinator of Sales & Field Development
Peach is an innovative, new lingerie and basics brand with one core mission - to inspire women to be their most beautiful through our one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

Petit Peony- CEO/Owner- Ashley Wayman
Petit Peony, proudly made in the USA, is dedicated to designing unique, classic clothing in a sustainable and ethical way. The whimsical prints, soft floral designs, and easy-to-wear styles speak directly to the children while appealing to their parents with a simple, put-together style. Petit Peony uses only premium and organic cotton to allow easy to wear, play & wash

Jonathan Joseph Peters - 

Jonathan Joseph Peters is an up-and-coming womenswear designer who focuses on the meeting point between ready-to-wear and avant-garde. Peters, who has been sewing for over 20 years, received his formal training at the University of Rhode Island. 

In 2009, Peters moved back in to Providence Rhode Island only to be cast on Lifetime Television's hit design competition "Project Runway"-in its seventh season. After securing himself a spot in the final 6 of 16 contestants during the competition, he returned home to forge forward in his career.

Since competing, Jonathan has shown every season in multiple venues including New York fashion Week, StyleWeek Providence, and Portland Fashion Week. Jonathan is currently designing Autumn/Winter 2012, while maintaining his positions as Creative Director and VP of Brand Development at StyleWeek Northeast. 

The School of Fashion Design was established in 1934 and is the only educational institution in Massachusetts dedicated exclusively to the study of fashion

About the Hosts: 

NFS's Mission; Solving all your apparel production issues. 
Each client is unique and has different needs. Our consulting services are specifically tailored to fit the individual needs of your company. 
NFS's consulting services can grow alongside the growing demands of your expanding business.

Owner: Terri Mahn 

Fashion Director / Commercial, Editorial, and Personal Wardrobe Stylist / Fashion Show Producer / Fashion Consultant on trends / Fashion Blogger, Writer, and Social Networker / Lecturer on the Fashion Business / Visual and Store Merchandiser / Interior and Product Design

Bio: Being diverse cultivated a solid reputation in the industry built on making the impossible happen and developing strong relationships. Combining fresh ideas and perspective with an experienced eye and deft hand, my work and track record speak for themselves, and demonstrate consistent achievement of both creative and business goals.

Fashion Group International (Boston Chapter) Tailcoat Times is a memeber of FGI! ENROLL TODAY

The Fashion Group International is a global, non-profit, professional organization with 5000 members in the fashion industry including apparel, accessories, beauty and home.

The FGI mission is to be the pre-eminent authority on the business of fashion and design and to help its members become more effective in their careers. To do this, FGI provides insights on major trends in person, online and in print; access to business professionals and a gateway to the influence fashion plays in the marketplace.

The School of Fashion Design was established in 1934 and is the only educational institution in Massachusetts dedicated exclusively to the study of fashion

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