Annie St Hilaire


6. What prompted your career in Fashion? What gives you the motivation?

My mother’s experience in Haute Couture opened me up to the endless magic that can be made through fashion. Styles reflects the inner beauty in a person and allows them to put that on the for front of life. I admire the strength that many models and actresses attribute amongst the countless criticism that they receive in the media. That’s enough motivation to keep me pursuing down this path until life directs me on a new journey.

5. Which photographer, designer or model would you like the opportunity to collaborate with?

Annie Leibovitz aside from her first name being identical to mine, her style of Photography is absolutely compelling. She has an eye for the camera and is able to express her talents magnificently.

4. Who inspires you the most in fashion? 

Lupita Nyong’o is one of my biggest role models. The simplicity of her demeanor is captivating for many reasons. Her beauty attracts her audience while her intellect keeps them around. She is one of my current inspirations in the fashion industry because she re-affirms the statement my mother constantly utters that “Beauty isn’t the only tool needed to inspire individuals but only one of the three, Body, Mind, and Spirit.”

3. How do you balance creativity with commerce?

Simple. you know the value of your individuality and creativity and don’t settle for anyone offering you less.

2. What kind of feedback have you been receiving on your latest projects?

The latest photo that I took has received countless compliments and reassurance that fashion inspires people. The caption I attached to it reflects the image of myself that I strive to present to the world as best as I can, “Let us not pray to be sheltered from struggles but to have courage when facing them.” Nothing worthwhile in life comes easy especially not our dreams. Courage is the most important thing needed to persevere through it all. 

1. Where do you see you / your brand in 5 years time?

In the next 5 years I see myself being casted for a variety of high profile projects and telling other young girls who are in my current position that its not impossible to make your goals a reality. The more opposition you face in life is just a result of life weeding out the weaker individuals by the process of natural selection. Survive by remaining flexible to the constant shifts and changes that occur in life. 

In your opinion; what is the current state of Fashion in Boston?

The fashion in Boston is quite interesting. In the sense that intellectualism is what’s valued most here but designers, models, and the various amazing photographers that reside here as well are constantly trying to mend both worlds together. Without the fashion and art I feel that Boston would be quite cold and boring. In my opinion fashion in Boston is in a current battle state that I think it will soon win.

Any upcoming events?
At the moment I am keeping an eye out for the next event that gages my attention. Not yet certain which but keep an eye out. I’m always happy to answer questions so once you see me feel free pick at my brain.

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