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6. What prompted your career in Fashion? What gives you the motivation?

I've always had a love/interest for the arts, from moment I saw the dress making scene in Walt Disney's Cinderella I was captivated. However my partner Bryan Alexis was the person that pushed me to put myself out there. What motivates me is the beauty, the ugly, politics, pop culture.. basically whatever captivates my mind's eye at the time.

5. Which photographer, designer or model would you like the opportunity to collaborate with?

Patrick Demarchelier, Matthew  or Steven Meisel!! Their eye for beauty is insane and to work with them speaks levels with where you are in the Fashion Industry.

4. Who inspires you the most in fashion?

I've always been inspired by Coco Chanel, more so the legacy she left behind. It's an example to follow and learn from, my goal is have an impact.. leave an impression that speaks for me, even when I'm not here anymore.

3. How do you balance creativity with commerce?

For me that all relies on taste level, riding the fine line between fantasy and what's believable. Every photo, runway and event should evoke an emotion that the audience can connect with. I always keep in mind who im trying to reach out to.. what's their story.. how can they connect to this project. In my opinion that's how you inspire and leave an impression. 

2. What kind of feedback have you been receiving on your latest projects?

Thankfully majority have been positive reactions. It seems that people see my work beyond Boston which is the goal, I want represent Boston on a grand scale. In addition to that I've also recieved some constructive criticism on editing, which I'm grateful for. Overall it seems that my partner (Bryan Alexis) and I are headed in the right direction. 

1. Where do you see you / your brand in 5 years time?

I see myself along with my partner traveling, working with magazines and designers. Expanding our collective, as well as our individual brands globally. The long term goal is to work for Vogue.. Vogue Italia to be exact. However I know that success doesn't always come in the way we may expect it to, regardless I see continued success. 

In your opinion what is the current state of Fashion in Boston?Any upcoming events?

I feel that Boston has a lot of new great talent coming into play. It feels like we're on the edge of a fashion break-through. There are a lot of artist in Boston that are tired of being looked over by the Fashion Industry and I feel an uprise coming on. Boston is here and we're ready to claim our spot. At the moment I have several photo shoots booked for collaborations with designers, artist and magazines, as well as some personal projects (my favorite thing to do!) Stay tuned..

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