Tailcoat Talk X Mr. Bryan Alexis

Bryan is a favorite. A star in the personality department with a fine sense of detail and a true passion for styling he reminds me of a young Jay Manuel.  Fun loving, controversial and brutally honest Bryan gets the works done and the outcome is always beyond pleasing to the fashion eye.


Where are you from? 

I am originally from Ponce, PR. However, I am based out of Boston Ma. 

Anything you'd like the readers to know about you?

I am a very passionate, driven & hard working individual. 


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1. How did you get started in the fashion business? As a child, I remember always playing with my neighbors Barbie dolls & making up my own Barbie outfits... but it wasn't until 2009 during Miami International Fashion Week where I got a small taste of the Fashion Industry was, as the year went by I study a lot while also working in the retail world, however my career didn't fully begun until 2014 during Boston Fashion Week when I was blessed to begin my dream of being a Fashion Stylist alongside my partner in crime Creative Director Miguel Carlos Martinez. 


2. Who is your dream collaboration with? My Dream Collaboration Would Honestly Have To Be... This Is Truly Hard But I Would Love To Style Alongside My Idols Lori Goldstein & Patricia Fields.


3. Favorite stylist? My favorite Editorial Stylist is Lori Goldstein & My favorite Production Stylist Is Patricia Fields, I do also love my community of stylists because we all have different eyes & it's just beautiful to see what someone can put together.


4. Biggest accomplishment? My biggest accomplishment is having found My teammates Creative Director Miguel Carlos Martinez & Photographer Melissa Isabel to work, growth & share special moments with, also having received Boston Wardrobe Stylist Of The Year 2016.


5. Best and Worst moments in fashion? (it can be yours personally or someone else) Honestly, I really enjoy what's happening in Fashion right now as it's forever evolving & pushing the envelope... Worst moments I say the early 2000's fashion was terrible. 


6. What is the current state of Boston Fashion? While Boston Fashion is typically on the commercial side, I see a huge shift happening where you see a little bit more people interested in a more high fashion direction. Let's continue to take risk Boston!!!! 


7. Who do you work best with? I can work with anyone, but nothing like working with my teammates Miguel Carlos Martinez (@artdirectormcm) & Melissa Isabel (@melissa_isabelphoto). 


8. Advice for talent looking to break into the fashion Industry? Study, Work On Your Craft, Make Sure You Have A Clear Goal In Mind, Don't Let Anything Disctract You & Be Kind. 


9. Where do you see yourself / brand in 5 years? I see myself as a contributor for Vogue Magazine also still working alongside my teammates as I love to share the success of hard work. 


10. Top 3 things it takes to have a successful fashion show? Great Location is always key, Great Promotion & An Audience,  everything else will fall Into place. 


For Any Bookings Contact Me. 

Email - MannequinBryan@gmail.com 

Instagram - @BryanStyling 

Facebook - Bryan Alexis Fashion Stylist 

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