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1. What prompted your career in Fashion Design?  
       My  passion for fashion started as a child, watching my mother sew. She used to have me help her put pieces together. As time went on I started designing my own clothes and eventually started my own brand.

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2. Which designer would you like the opportunity to collaborate with? 

        I would love to get a chance to collaborate with Giuseppe Zanotti some day. He is one of my favorite designers whose work is amazing. 

3. Who inspires you the most in fashion? 

    The person who inspires me the most in the fashion industry is Karl Lagerfeld. His unique and sophisticated designs catch my attention and motivate me to be bold when it comes to creativity.  



4. How do you balance creativity with commerce?

     I balance it based on what's hot and trending. Other times I just take a chance on what I think buyers would like. 


5. What kind of feedback have you been receiving on your latest collection?

     I have been getting a lot of  positive feedback on this collection. The one comment that I hear the most is how different each of my pieces are. 


6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

    In five years from now, I see the Janaby brand expanding and also participating in more fashion shows. 

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