Heritage1978 (By: FAGNIDI)

A “Life – style – brand.”

More a beautiful movement then a mere luxury label “ Heritage1978" is woven to inspire, stitched to empower and crafted to encourage love to one another. The innate roots of the bespoke designs hail from the Ivory Coast, were its alluring white sands and culturally rich organic way of life were enough to set Alain  Fagnidi's imagination on fire. 

(Alain michel FAGNIDI )  An African Lifestyle Influencer/designer with a distinct vision of establishing an empowering lifestyle brand made from a  visually stunning collection comprised of fashion, furniture and unique accouterments gracefully pieces together  the finest of materials with the most skilled of hands   

Its unique sortie is to establish a lifestyle brand collection specifically geared to not only entice the contemporary ... the bohemian.... the chic...the sophisticated but all lovers of fashion, beauty and admirers of stunningly ornate artisan work 


6. What prompted your career in Fashion Design? 

It was all about passion for beautiful objects and the love of people for their external appearances.

Fagnidi international Group is an incubator of the DESIGN, concept revolution. A creator of multicultural labels that introduce the world to our founders’ passionate vision for clothing, accessories, and furniture trends.  A fashion empowerment movement where style and influence inspires the youth, our partnerships, and our vision for tomorrow. It’s about carrying the mantle, leaving an Heirloom for our future generations to come in hopes of creating a lasting impact on all communities, a HERITAGE  worth passing on.


5. Which designer would you like the opportunity to collaborate with? 

DOLCE GABBANA for their provocative design 

TOM FORD for his clean and elite style

Ralph LAUREN for his sportswear chic 

the HERMES brothers 


4. Who inspires you the most in fashion? 

Those 4 designers are my great inspiration

DOLCE GABBANA for their provocative design 

TOM FORD for his clean and elite style

Ralph LAUREN for his sportswear chic 

the HERMES brothers 

3. How do you balance creativity with commerce?

I have recently re-imagined innovative male fashion clothing style following my own idea of a modern athletic man who wants to dress for his lifestyle and provide better influence to the young generation he cares so much about. Sometimes the greatest innovation is the great past ideas. We have created and continue to create looks to help fulfill every facet of a person's lifestyle. It makes the moments of life more enjoyable, captivating and personal . The commerce side comes with the business part , but is not our main priority.

2. What kind of feedback have you been receiving on your latest collection?

It’s our rough edges that testify to our real character. People really enjoyed the collection. We got great feedback on the collection especially the denim jean and  polo concepts. 

Crafted with precious values for an authentic legacy, our latest collection is inspired by the ‘real heroes’ of our current, next generation and referenced as “role models”.  Each PIECE is designed to produce confidence in style for the modern man. 

1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

We visualized the man of the future and put his style on display. Looking toward the horizon, we use our heritage as a compass.

I see myself in 5 years time , hosting some workshop with some young creative to share my experience in the industry and try to elevate those who need my help ... I believe THE LORD create us for a purpose and my mine is to empower the next generation using my passion.


Key Notes

Our unique shape of denim jean is designed for ease of muscular tights and allows the wearer to feel comfortable with a low crotch. This collection also places a big emphasis on the lower half of a man’s body:  the LEGS (thighs) considering these areas are typically difficult for male athletes (especially for black males athletes whom are genetically built this way) to fit clothing.

Exceptionally tailored like a gladiator, reinvented with a shoulder pads for a typical “broad-shouldered “look, The Alexander polo concept is inspired by the antique grec gladiator.

 Sharply appear like a leader of men, wrapped in an invisible mantle of power, our reinvented polo hide behind its gold zipper side, 5”inch reserve of fabric to accommodate the others body type.

This mesomorphic style, reflecting with technical aspirations the epitome of the modern masculine sophistication.



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